If your state is not represented here, please volunteer to be your state's chair by contacting Linda Thompson or Marilyn Bennett

State Chair Responsibilities

  1. Communicate with new members within your state soon after they join WBDI.  Encourage their active participation in WBDI.
  2. Actively promote WBDI at music conferences, state meetings, etc. that you attend.
  3. Communicate with individuals in your region encouraging them to attend Summer Conference as well as the Mid-West Clinic.
  4. Submit state news items to the editor of the Woman Conductor by Feb. 1, April 1 and/or Oct. 1 for inclusion. Submit at least one article a year.
  5. Send a report of your activities to the Recording Secretary by November 1 and May 1 of each year so that this information can be included in their report for the next meeting.
  6. Nominate women in your state for awards, encourage them to apply for specific awards.  
  7. If you attend the Mid-West Clinic, be available to work a shift at the WBDI booth.

Alabama: Holly Connell CONTACT HOLLY

Northern California: Danielle Gaudry CONTACT DANIELLE

Central California: Kim Mieder CONTACT KIM

Southern California: Dell Schroeder CONTACT DELL

Colorado: Megan Lewin CONTACT MEGAN

Connecticut: Amy Bovin CONTACT AMY

Delaware: Samantha DeLuca CONTACT SAMANTHA

Florida: Ellen Wittman CONTACT ELLEN

Georgia: Requel Stegall CONTACT REQUEL

Idaho: Christy Taylor CONTACT CHRISTY

Illinois: Elisa Lieb CONTACT ELISA

Indiana: Caroline Hand CONTACT CAROLINE

Iowa: Jennifer Williams CONTACT JENNIFER

Kansas: Jennifer Antonetti CONTACT JENNIFER

Kentucky: Jenny Collins CONTACT JENNY

Louisiana: Brenda Castillo CONTACT BRENDA

Maryland: Lori Schwartz Reichl CONTACT LORI

Massachusetts: Amanda Tumbleson CONTACT AMANDA

Michigan: Heather Ellenwood CONTACT HEATHER

Minnesota: Claire Nalven CONTACT CLAIRE

Missouri: Julie Capps CONTACT JULIE

Nebraska: Chiyo Trauernicht CONTACT CHIYO

New Jersey: Jenna Makos CONTACT JENNA

New York: Jennifer Theilacker CONTACT JENNIFER

North Carolina: Ruth Peterson CONTACT RUTH

Ohio: Wendy Reeves CONTACT WENDY

Oregon: Julie Bounds CONTACT JULIE

Pennsylvania: Jenny Neff CONTACT JENNY

South Carolina: Christina Randall CONTACT CHRISTINA

South Dakota: Mary Cogswell CONTACT MARY

Texas: Marilyn Bennett CONTACT MARILYN

Utah: Christine Wolf CONTACT CHRISTINE

Virginia: Melissa Hall CONTACT MELISSA

Washington: Diana Appler CONTACT DIANA

Wisconsin: Lisa Zemlock CONTACT LISA


Alberta, Canada: Kim Hastings CONTACT KIM

Italy: Alessandra Tamborlani CONTACT ALESSANDRA