Eveyln Scott Baker

Mrs. Baker received her B.S. (1951) and M.S. (1953) degrees from the University of Oregon, where she played clarinet. She taught instrumental music for 19 years: 4 years for Dufur, 3 years for Wasco, and 12 years in her last position at Gilbert School in Multnomah County in Portland, OR. The Gilbert School Band consistently won superior ratings at the Northern District concert band festivals.

In 1937-1938, Mrs. Baker taught in Wasco, Oregon, where she started Gladys Stone Wright, founder of WBDI in band on a $5 Albert system clarinet. Miss Scott loaned me the money to buy the clarinet, found a job for me in order that I might repay the loan, gave me private lessons, and then made arrangements for an adult in the community to finance piano lessons, which was followed by a strong suggestion to see the local minister to secure permission to practice daily in the church. She has always been a guiding light in my teaching career. The only way I can begin to repay my debt to her is to, in turn, help other students as she helped me..Gladys Wright.

Miss Scott married Mr. Baker in 1952. She was a member of the state committee that published the handbook Music Education in Oregon Public Schools in 1960. Mrs. Baker guest conducted Gladys Wrights Otterbein Band at the Midwest National Band Clinic in Chicago in December, 1960. She returned to Oregon and passed away two weeks later on December 30.