The winner of the 1st Annual

WBDI Composition Competition

for Women Composers is

Carol B. Chambers

Kalos Eidos (Kaleidoscope)

This Grade Three piece is approx 3:45 minutes long.


Fl 1-2, Ob, Cl 1-3, BC, Bsn, AS 1-2, TS, BS, Tpt 1-3, Hrn 1-2, Tbn 1-2, Euph, Tba, Timp,

5 Perc: Marimba, Bells, Vibes, Chimes, SD, BD, Tambourine, Sus Cym, Shaker, Vibraslap, Ocean Drum, Wind Chimes, Sizzle Cymbal, Castanets, Temple Blocks