Women Band Directors International (WBDI) represents women band directors of all pedagogical levels and years of experience from college students to retired directors.

It is the only international organization for women band directors focused on promoting women, providing support and community, and mentoring women in the band field


  1. To foster a spirit of friendliness, fellowship, and cooperation among women band directors in the schools of America and abroad.
  2. To provide a common meeting ground for an exchange of ideas, methods, and problems relevant to women band directors.
  3. To provide encouragement, support, and mentorship for young women entering the instrumental music field.
  4. To develop comprehensive programs that will be of a musical and educational benefit to women band directors and their students.
  5. To work with administrators to provide the best music education possible and to provide for the equality of women in the profession.
  6. To cooperate with existing organizations whose demonstrated purpose is to further improve the band as a worthwhile medium of musical expression.


by Judith Grimes, IL, Past President and Charter Member
  1. Provides a network of professional music educators dedicated to a system of support
  2. Creates a common meeting ground for professional women band directors, conductors, and teachers
  3. Encourages professional assistance for educational ideas, travel, festivals, and clinics
  4. Provides opportunities to publish and fosters avenues to develop special projects
  5. Creates a channel of international exchange
  6. Allows the opportunity to attend summer professional meetings in both exotic and educational places
  7. Provides awards, certificates, and recognition for teachers, support personnel, and students
  8. Provides subscriptions to the Woman Conductor and BandWorld magazines
  9. Provides scholarships for college women studying to become band directors
  10. Offers opportunities to meet re-known personalities in the band profession
  11. Provides a mouthpiece for innovative ideas and professional input
  12. Fosters advancement without competition and encourages young women in the field
  13. Offers the opportunity to hold an international office and/or serve on committees
  14. Allows the opportunity to expand and develop your professional networking and resume skills
  15. Allows you to make some of the best professional friendships you will ever have!

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